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About Us

ARABARCH Architectural & Engineering Consulting was established in 2008 in the emirate of Dubai – U.A.E with the vision of providing clients with the best value in architectural and engineering services.
Our main aim is to work closely with our clients, partners and stakeholders to deliver and satisfy the requirements with the highest levels of quality.
We work with architects and provide them with detail coordination on the site in areas such as interiors, and architecture of the building. We also provide an important balance between expert system definition to ensure the functionality of the building and to ensure it is within the set budgets of the owners and developers.
We provide accurate drawings to general contractors at the most competitive pricing and work closely with sub-contractors to ensure the successful completion of the project.


To provide our clients with the best Architectural & Engineering Consulting Services while delivering the highest level of quality within the industry.


We intend to provide a range of architectural and engineering services to our customers by understanding their requirements and satisfying them.

We will provide services keeping in mind Quality, Excellence, Efficiency and Customer Service while complying with the code of ethics of the industry

We understand the nature of the construction industry and will work diligently in achieving quality and excellence in our operations.

Our Services

We offer our clients with the following services

Project feasibility study

Project feasibility study

We offer analysis and evaluation of the proposed project to determine and ensure project is legally and technically feasible with cost effectiveness.

Engineering Consulting

Our team offers expertise in huge range of projects dealing in site analysis, inspection of projects in construction field.

Architectural Engineering

We strive to design building and spaces to reach our client need, develop sense reliability and transform environment. Offer full architectural design services from concepts to construction.

Managing Director’s Message

Our aim is to understand and meet the needs and construction budget of our clients while still placing an emphasis on architectural integration, constructability and quality.

We strive to provide our services with a high standard of quality and efficiency.

Eng.Zuhair Binredha


ARABARCH has a strong engineering background with a commitment to quality through its association with national professional organisations such as the UAE Society of Engineers.
ARABARCH is a member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Est. for SME Development and is registered with various government entities.

Architects & Engineers Portfolio

We recruit people who are talented and experienced in the industry and who possess the necessary skills to cater to the clients. The combined experience of our architects and engineers total to more than 40 years. Our people have the experience, operational knowledge and skills in project management, real estate and public relations.
They have work experience in various industries such as Real Estate, Banking, Government and Telecommunications and have extensive experience in different areas, including team management, civil engineering, procurement, sales and customer service.
All our people have educational qualifications from the best Engineering & Architectural Universities and have achieved the highest ranks.
Apart from the educational credentials, our team possess excellent communication, negotiation, interpersonal, IT and analytical skills that help them to achieve optimal results.
The values embedded in our organisation is to be innovative and customer oriented and we strive to achieve this by constantly evaluating our service offerings and operation activities.
Our team is highly competent and motivated and we are confident of their skills and experience in the field of architecture and engineering and are positive on their dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction.