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ArabArch provides specialised architectural and engineering design services for different types and sizes of projects for its clients. The different types of projects include:

Specialisation Services

The approach ArabArch implements for each of their projects reflects highly on their leadership style and corporate culture within their organisation. They are without any doubt a highly professional organisation with well-experienced employees and visionary leaders

Property Valuation

We provide valuation services to determine the market value of the properties for securing loans, investment proposals and to determine the land value and more.


Property Inspection

We offer inspection services of properties and villas for our clients to determine its life-cycle, internal and external condition, engineering assessment, maintenance requirements and other structural evaluations.

Project Feasibility Study

We offer analysis and evaluation of the proposed project to determine.

Architectural Engineering

We strive to design building & spaces to reach our client need.

Engineering Consulting

Our team offers expertise in huge range of projects.