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The Aviator is a game of skill, which is why it is not your average “slot machine”. You will learn, but not only do you learn, but you have a chance to learn something new and to earn a lot of money. We have received a number of questions about the game Aviator in general.

Your knowledge makes you smarter and helps you to gain the round. Just keep in mind that the winner of a round gets a bonus. The more you place bets and win the more money will be paid to you!

The Aviator Spree has a lot of features that increase the potential of winning. Aviator provider of online casino games with its own software developers. – Microgaming – reliable provider of online casino games, with its own developers.

  • The stake is the amount of money you are willing to lose in case of a loss.
  • When you win, you have the option to cash out or to play again.
  • To get the most from this game, check out the PlayAviator.com website.
  • The game features 30 win lines and is played by 5 reels.
  • The player can also choose the round during which the coefficient grows.

From the regular, you can see the big ratings of the online casino and the free spins in the form of paylines. The modified script performs the following actions: We are glad to announce that we are a family of online casinos where you can play a wide variety of games. You will find that here is a fresh new atmosphere.

Aviator: Your Road to Success

The creator of the game has a vision that Aviator will become an online game with an infinite number of additional gameplay modes. Thus, we hope that the Airplane will continue to fly, and the game will be interesting for you. The most experienced flight will receive all the money from all the players. If the multiplier stops growing before the end of the round, you can cash out of the game. Every time you cash out, the winnings are converted to the payout bonus. If you return to the game, then the stake will be lost.

  • Bonuses are offered to new players and existing players.
  • The online casino has a bonus scheme that is active very frequently.
  • This guarantees you 100% return on your bets.
  • The game can be downloaded and installed to your mobile phone or tablet.

When you place your bet, the plane will climb. The plane will grow higher and higher until it reaches the maximum allowed. If you have a few seconds left before the plane stops, press the buyback button. The bet is then automatically calculated and multiplied by the coefficient, and the winnings are transferred to the player’s balance. The Aviator game will not stop your progress, it is just a mechanism to allow you to see the winnings. If you stop the game, your account balance will be reduced by the amount of your bets.

The Slot Aviator

On the interface, there is a button which says “play game”. In the course of the game, you will be given an opportunity to make a bet. If you aviator casino game make a bet, you will begin to play immediately. The bet is placed automatically and the bet amount increases in accordance with the game.

If you have an account on Aviator, you can play Aviator at our site! We offer you the opportunity to play a variety of games at our casino. In the lobby of our casino, you can choose the game you want to play. In the lobby of the game that you have chosen, you can see your bet, the multiplier, and the progress of the game. You can play the game at any time, but you need to play at a certain pace. To speed up the game, increase the bet multiplier.

  • The Aviator website has a wide range of promotions and bonuses.
  • This means that every player has to play the game with the same stake and the same multiplier.
  • The Aviator is perfect for gamblers with no financial reserve.
  • In both versions, there are only the following differences:
  • The Aviator interface is very similar to the interface used by slot machines.
  • This bonus is credited at the same moment you make the deposit.

Try it now, and feel yourself climbing up the sky as the plane takes to the clouds! – Fairness of the game is guaranteed by the Provably FAIR technology. – The game is suitable for players of any age. – Wager is returned automatically, if you make the call at the right moment.

Masters of Slot Play

The minimum odds are also the highest in the world. The betting company also offers great betting tools. If you want to bet on the live events, you can go to Live section. If you want to bet on the game with game stats, you can go to the Game section. You can choose between the desktop and mobile versions of the company.

After all the cards, the dealer will have to give you the cards remaining in the hand. Online users enjoy the ease of betting on sports with Aviator. This fact makes betting on sports a lot more fun and easy. If you bet on the game, then the arbitrage mechanism will automatically play the role of a stock broker in your hands. If you buyback the bet, then the gaming interface will automatically play the role of the stock exchange.

The Aviator is a part of the Volocity Casino family of games. It is available in many casinos and at Volocity.io, and it can be easily downloaded. If you think you’re a good pilot, try the Aviator game. The Aviator will keep on working for you long after you have played for the first time.

The payout ratio can be changed using the bet size and maximum winnings It is important to choose a casino that is not known by the creators of the game to ensure complete reliability. It is also important to visit the discussion platform and see how users are talking about the game. You can continue the game by clicking the Play button.

Become a Slot Hero

The higher the coefficient, the greater the multiplier grows. Aviator has been operating in the online gambling market for over a decade. The online betting company is known for its safe and secure interface that protects players from any dangers. The company also has an impressive selection of betting events. The main aim of the company is to provide players with the best possible odds and the highest payout on a daily basis.

  • However, you must be careful not to overplay the game.
  • You will not pay a single penny for participation in the game.
  • The last round of the game is a jackpot round and during this round, you can win the jackpot.
  • If you do not have enough funds in your game, you can always check the balance to play Aviator with the money you have.
  • For example, if the player wants to bet the maximum number of times, then changing the multiplier to 3x will lead to a much greater return.

At the beginning of the round, you will be given a free bet. The amount is calculated based on the multiplier of the player’s bet. At the end of each round, you can cash out (redeem) the bet. The payout can be calculated on the basis of the current multiplier. It is important to note that in the free round, the bets are paid out in the amount equal to the actual bet. In other words, a player gets 100% of his bet.

Slot Bliss Awaits

Now you can also play the Aviator game on GamCare. It should be noted that this game is not available in all regions. To play the game in your region, you can check the game description: English and Russian. The length of each round varies in 20, 40, 60 and 80 seconds. In addition, there are random delays of 7 and 13 seconds during the game. Your credits are displayed in the main window of the game.

  • In simple terms, you play the game and send your bet to the win-multiplying server.
  • The basic principle of the games of online casinos are similar to sports betting.
  • In the end, the function of the player in this slot is to win as much as possible, and to take a longer time.
  • The Rollercoaster game also offers to experience with a risky bet.
  • You can determine the coefficient by pressing the “H” button in the upper part of the screen.

If you want to get acquainted with the statistics of the game, select the Statistics tab. The statistics data can be exported to a spreadsheet file, which you can also import into the Excel program. The Aviator is an online casino slot machine game that is inspired by the famous Aviator Spi-Reels game. The casino slot is advertised as the most addictive and fun slot game. There are many famous online casinos where you can play the game.

Winning Starts Now

There are many bettors who don’t understand that the Winback is a fraction of the bet. The reason is that often the Winback balance is out of reach to small bets. If you bet 1 Euro, you may have to wait for hours or days to get the winback balance. However, the Winback balance is easy to understand if you play the Live Betting option.

Stake sizing – the size of bets depends on several factors. Among them are the volatility of odds, the volatility of the game and the average rate of the game. Stake sizing is a complicated issue, but, in general, you can safely multiply the average rate by 4-5x. Play Aviator and enjoy the risky game that will remind you of the real life.

Celebrate Your Wins

You can also win by adding selected bets for the reset button. The Aviator game is exactly the same for both clients and devices. The difference is only in the client interface. You can choose the language and currency in which the client is available to play. Aircraft in this game is represented by a plane, which has an engine below.

Winning Strategies Unveiled

The user will not have any problems when playing the game. Aviator is a game based on the idea of random generator that will determine the growth of a multiplier for a winning bet. Every round or landing, the result of a game is completely random. You can not only feel like a pilot, but also earn points on your score. If you do not understand any of the above, feel free to contact us and we will try to help you.

In addition, the game will not give you any additional benefits. It will only make your profit lower than the profit of honest players. The main problem here is the high chance of burning your money! There are lots of interesting features of the game. For example, the game is designed to be able to play with a friend or opponent.

Claim Your Slot Riches

The higher the coefficient, the more people play the game. As a result, the greater the player money pool, the bigger the winnings. In other words, large bets are guaranteed more winnings. That is, the player should bet on the Aviator game the minimum amount possible (1x). However, in the game it is quite difficult to restrict the player to a minimum bet, in practice, the minimum bet is limited by the casino. Aviator is a game where space ships are flying.

Why Choose Aviator?

It provides the player with a sense of urgency when the multiplier becomes larger than you need it. If you press the Buy Back button before the multiplier exceeds 2-3 times, you will be able to cash out and keep your earnings. However, if the player presses the Buy Back button too late, then the multiplier will grow up and you can not cash out.

Your Slot Adventure Awaits Here

The player can open as many accounts as he wants, and the money from different accounts is covered by the specific account. That is, all the profits of a player are in his account. The first thing you should know about the Aviator Slot is that the game process is not the same as in any other slot machine. The player has a point of view and in some cases the result may depend on this, which is not the case with all slots.

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