6 steps to the development of emotional intelligence

How to learn to understand others – and what to do so that they better understand us? Several practical tips on how to behave in different situations.

Understanding your emotions, behavior management, the ability to quickly restore, motivation and communicative skills – all these are component of emotional intelligence.

The American psychologist Daniel Goleman studying him in all works distinguishes six main points that determine how effective our personal and professional communication will be. Here is their short presentation.

1. Avoid negative explanations

Take an example: a close friend knows that we are bad, but does nothing to do. It can be concluded that he is less attentive to us than we thought. But you need to take into account other opportunities: he has urgent work or his own troubles. Further either confirm or refute our guesses.

At the same time, slowly with the conclusions, we will win in calm and remain objective, and the risk of misunderstanding or toxic omissions will decrease markedly. However, it should be borne in mind that a positive explanation, although it causes more pleasant emotions, can also be erroneous. Therefore, it must be used in moderation.

The action that looks extremely noble, sometimes there is extremely selfish motivation.

2. Reduce the fear of failure

Fear of failure or rejection prevents us from perceiving reality clearly. He reduces our trust in himself, brings confusion in thought and makes you live in constant stress. Instead of focusing on the only strategy that we are trying to apply to all possible situations, it is worth increasing the palette of our capabilities.

To do this, you can use the “brainstorming” technique alone or at the same time who are ready to support you: consider

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different options for actions that will reduce the likelihood of error, come up with spare plans A, B and C for different cases. We feel more confident when we have at our disposal several behavior options for a choice.

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