“Husband is disposed of with money”: what is economic violence

The partner draws up all the property on himself, and loans on you? Controls all the money in the family and sometimes reluctantly gives you the necessary expenses? The expert talks about the signs of financial violence and how to deal with him.

What is economic violence

Family economic violence is a type of psychological pressure in which one person runs all the money in the family, and he uses it in his interests. The worst thing is that most victims do not understand what is happening. People often think that this is just part of the established family rules and that the restriction of financial freedom is the norm.

Women are three times more likely to become victims of economic violence, and there are historically established reasons for this:

  1. Payment of female labor is often estimated below than male.
  2. A woman usually goes on parental leave. And during this period, she begins to completely depend on the man, since her main concern for a given period of time is the baby who appeared in the family.
  3. Often men themselves persuade the chosen one to abandon work and devote himself to the home and children.

Economic violence in the family is also total control over the family budget, and the refusal to give money for children (or pay alimony), and the execution of loans for the wife, and the record of all acquired property only for yourself.

How many fair sex cannot start doing what they love, travel, buy what they want because they are in full dependence on a man?

According to statistics, 55% of women happened to ask for money from a spouse, while 10% (every tenth!) you have to do this constantly, and 20% from time to time. Of course, on this basis, a woman begins to feel inconvenient, uncomfortable. She is covered by a feeling of shame, fears are formed inside, she feels dissatisfaction with her life.

How to get out of a state of economic violence?

To stop being a victim of this type of psychological violence, it is necessary to increase your financial literacy. This will take care of personal financial stability and ensuring your children. Here are a few recommendations on how to do it:

Create your sources of income

Let it be small, but your own finances. Their presence will give a feeling of safety, because in any situation you will be sure: no matter what happens, you have the skill of making money yourself and understanding how this can be done. In addition, personal income increases self -esteem and self -respect.

You can create your own source source using 9 proven methods:

  1. Get a cashback by paying for purchases by a debit bank card. To do this, just arrange it for yourself. Today, a number of banks are offered products with interesting conditions: Tinkoff Black, Home Credit “Benefit”, MTS CASHBACK, Gazprombank “Smart Card”, Raiffeisenbank “Cashback Card”, Alfa-Bank Card with advantages. If a man gives out money for cash expenses, it is easy to put them in the bank department and make savings using cashback.
  2. Get cashback from checks when paying for purchases in offline stores. To return money from shops and supermarkets, install one of the applications (Backit, VKontakte ChekBek, MTS CashBack, Podal, Disconto, Chekskan and others), scan checks and get part of the means.
  3. Get a cashback from Internet purchases using cashback services. To do this, select a service cooperating with those stores where you most often purchase things. Register and after each purchase receive a refund. The best proven services that I can recommend: kopikot (more than 1000 brands), cashback (ideal purchase option from China), lethyps, seconddiscounter;Sale, Cash4brands, Biglion.
  4. Sell unnecessary things. Using the Avito and Yula sites, post a photo of things with a description. On Avito, use the “Auto Publication” function, which will update the ad in automatic mode.
  5. Use the benefits from the state by returning to yourself 13% of personal income tax. Income tax have the right to return: beneficiaries, people who have a loan for the purchase of housing or refinancing purchasing a house or apartment. It is possible to return funds if the money was spent on treatment or purchase of drugs, training, voluntary insurance or financing of a pension. To do this, collect a package of documents and take them to the tax.
  6. Skillfully use a debit card with a percentage and credit card with cashback. First transfer a certain amount to a debit card. Within a month you can spend money from a credit card and

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    receive cashback. At the end of the month you will receive interest on a debit card and pay for it for interest on the loan. But remember: the amount of costs from the credit card should not exceed the income.

  7. Pay taxes and get cashback. If you already have a map with cashback, study MMS codes in the loyalty program. For example, taxes pass according to code 9311. When this code is presented at the expenditure paragraph, consider the maps from which you can get a cashback on it: Citibank, Alfa-Bank, Home Credit, “All at once” from Raiffeisenbank, MTS money. Payment should go through the personal account of the tax.
  8. Give up bad habits. Calculate how much money you spend on coffee, cigarettes, sweets and other unnecessary things. Think about what you could refuse, and put this money in the piggy bank.
  9. Earn in the online sphere. You can remotely master the specialty (methodologist, curator, targetologist, designer and others), which allows you to earn money without leaving home, having only a laptop at hand. Today there are many online schools for any budget. If there are no funds for training, try yourself in different fields of activity, find customers in thematic groups in social networks or on exchanges, honing the skills.

Learn to manage your finances yourself

Consider income and expenses, take control of all financial flows that relate to you personally and your children.

Create a financial “airbag”

Start postponing 5-10% of all cash receipts. Even if it initially seems to you that this is a drop in the sea, you will develop a habit of allocating “in reserve” part of the funds and over time, surprise which financial pillow you already have. The presence of money for an unforeseen case creates a sense of safety and internal confidence.

Increase your self -esteem

If you are in a situation of economic violence, most likely your inner voice says that you are worthy of this and are not capable of something more. Do not let him determine your future! Realize that you have the right to respect and happiness, to financial independence or equivalent participation in the distribution of the family budget. Even if you are a young mother who is on maternity leave and temporarily does not work.

Go to a qualified psychologist who will help you find an internal support and confidence.

And remember that total control over financial flows, manipulation and humiliation through money control are not the norm of family life, but the real economic violence.

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